Stage design simplified

Imagination Realized!

Simastage is stage design simplified.

Simastage is a new way to design and share show design ideas, from LED wall configuration to truss assemblies, set decor, props, lights and camera angles, this app has everything needed to create smart visual representations of creative stage designs. Give your client a clear idea of how their show will look; give your team a common vision of the plan, complete with technical specs and positioning. Build complex elements from simple objects and reuse them.  You can save elements you create for one show to use in others.  Save multiple camera positions to see what your stage looks like from any perspective. Animated camera views are only a few clicks away to provide a cool 3D look at your creation. Snap an image of the project from any view and it will be downloaded to your computer where it can be shared like any other picture you download from the web.

Share your stage design concepts

These images can also include technical information for specific stage elements, built right in to the image.  Your client can also view it in 3D when you create a web link and send it to them. This is only the beginning of what this app does and will do in future releases.  Whether you hand off the data for the drafting department or build straight from the project, this app is true to scale enough to do it.

3D friendly browser

Please remember to use the Firefox browser! As the preferred browser, it provides the best environment for this unique 3D app, and will yield the best results for you.

  I would greatly appreciate if you would register and/or send me an email (link at right side of screen) to let me know you came by.  When you register, you will be granted a free trial of Simastage for 15 days just for asking.  

 Thank you for your interest and don't be a stranger. Put this site in your bookmarks now!.




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