Frequently asked questions

SimaStage is a simple online design program specifically aimed as an easy way to create a 3D visual simulation of a stage area, true to scale. From LED wall smart configuration using your specific tile products,  truss assemblies, light fixtures, stage risers, speakers, lecterns, drape, motors and more, designs can be saved as projects and in separate elements which may be reused in other projects , all retrievable at any time for modification. Your project data resides in your own personal folder on our server, accessible only to your account members. This simple stage design application makes it easy to create and share your design concepts with clients and staff.

SimaStage is optimized for Firefox, and you should have at least 4Gb of memory in your system. Google Chrome is a second choice, but other browsers are definitely not recommended. You should also have fast and reliable internet access  >10Mb/s and WebGL capable graphics hardware, which most modern computers have these days. 

Yes! As long as they have access to a valid account on our website. SimaStage is very simple to use, so anyone can collaborate directly with clients to develop designs before they go to formal drafting.

Simply click the ‘TakePic’ button in the top menu bar and a png image of the current view will be downloaded in your browser. The image is only stored to your download folder, not on the server.

Another method of sharing your project is the GenLink button, with which you can create a special link to your current project, copy and paste into an email to your client. When they click the link it will take them to a 3D Simastage viewer without menus. They can view the project in the same way as the sim.

SimaStage stores your design data to a private folder on the our server which is designated for your account . Nobody outside your account can access your data. The same applies to uploaded images.